Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Columbine Illustration using Adobe Illustrator and Real Colors (Kindle Fire app)

My last post discussed generating a limited color palette in Adobe Illustrator based off of 5 dominant hues in a photo imported into Real Colors (an application on Kindle Fire).

After opening Illustrator, I entered the RGB numbers from each color and saved all five swatches in a customized palette. Using the colors from RC (and their tints/shades), I created the illustration below.

All in all, I found it an interesting way to increase one's color knowledge - especially as an artist, there are times when certain hues reappear in our work (I know I often get in a color rut without realizing it).  This was a great way to force myself to a limited and new palette. 

Real Colors also works with the camera on the Kindle Fire device so I can take pictures on location - a nice, easy way to capture color information locally.
Columbine illustration (Adobe Illustrator). www.christinemusser.com

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