Thursday, March 14, 2013

Acacia Tree Prop: Completed and Installed

Number 1 rule for creating props/installations for theater: Always have a Plan B (contingency plan) for last minute changes.

In this case, I arrived at the school and found that the stage location had changed to allow room for the drummers.  Unfortunately, since the tree as it was laid out required 6 fixed points above to anchor limbs, this meant the tree had to undergo reconstruction on site since the center fixed point had shifted. With the center moved, this limbs to either side would no longer hang correctly (one side stretched out too far, the other side would not have enough room for the limb to spread out..

Luckily, I recently discovered double sided duct tape and was able to affix painted pieces of drawing paper and reroute some of the smaller limbs and cover the tears and new attachments with the duct tape. After which, I applied another coat of brown acrylic to blend in the tape with the existing papier mache structure.


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