Sunday, March 31, 2013

Wonderland Prop: Papier Mache Flower Armature Construction (Roses, Tiger Lilies, Daisies)

With the lattice and rocks complete, time to begin work on the floral pieces (roses, tiger lilies, daisies).

Using tin foil, foam, duct tape, 18 gauge wire, and poster board, the flower armature takes shape by adding one petal at a time. If an organic feel is desired (and depending on the size of the petal), the base can be left as posterboard rather than covered with duct tape before the paste is applied. Slight warping will occur but it does help to give the flower a more natural feel. Also, I find it best to place the flower face down in a bowl and apply the paste to the back first which will help the petals maintain a flared form.

Today is the last day for the papier mache portion - need to prime, paint, and deliver in about 30 hours. I plan to start painting the background while the flowers are drying to make the best use of my time

Tomorrow's photos will feature the background painting and final piece.


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