Thursday, April 18, 2013

System 96 Reactive Glass Experiments pt 2: Blue Topaz, Chambray Opal, Payne's Gray, Cobalt, Turquoise, Opal

My shipment of the new System 96 colors (Chambray Opal and Payne's Gray) came in a few days ago and was excited to try them out. Curious to see if they have enough copper to react with red reactive glasses.  As you can see in the sample (Reactive clear top layer extends to red line. To right of red line is clear 3mm glass) below, the answer is "no"...however, they do fuse very nicely - lovely, subtle colors.  I can see using these two in the near future with Pewter and Charcoal opal. Some interesting reactions occured with Turquoise stringers and 24 gauge copper wire producing strong dark red outlines.

Another relatively new color in the System 96 line, Blue Topaz is a cathedral glass that is supposed to have a high copper content which would produce a strong reaction. Oddly enough in my experiment below (top 1/2 clear glass, bottom 1/2 reactive clear), it had little color shift.  It may have been that the elements I had placed in between the top layer and the blue glass might have effected the reaction. I'll have to try this again without inclusions (copper wire, white and cobalt confetti) and see what happens. Beautiful color, especially when light passes through it.

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