Saturday, February 23, 2013

Artist Takahiro Iwasaki: Art from Ordinary Objects - You'll Never Look at Duct Tape the Same Way Again
Or look at thread from a towel and toothbrush bristles in the same manner either for that matter.  Amazing what Takahiro Iwasaki can create from everyday objects.  I can barely thread a needle without squinting - can't begin to imagine the eye strain involved with constructing a ferris wheel from sewing thread. Never would I look at a roll of electrical tape and think it a worthwhile carving medium yet Iwasaki creates a topographical map from one.

For more images of work by Iwasaki, see Colossal, a blog started/edited by Christopher Jobson (Chicago, IL) that focuses on non digital art (in many forms) with roughly 20-25 artists featured each week. A worthwhile read.

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