Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Collaborative Art Projects with Kids

My son, Ernie, gave me a sketch this morning and suggested it would make a great earring design - and then asked if he could make money from the sale if I used the design based on his drawing.

Actually it's not a bad idea...might be a good way to encourage creativity, learn to work with others, and give a means of earning extra money through work efforts.  And to encourage saving, I have offered the following deal to my son: Receive 25% of the gross sale if the money is wanted now or put the money in savings for college and earn 50%.

Today's page from my sketchbook features Ernie's original drawing (upper left), a modified drawing with notes on possible design changes and then a rough polymer clay version. Not sure if I will keep as polymer clay or try a version in fused glass...but will post a photo of the final earrings in a future post.

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